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Our road network is one of our country’s greatest assets with over 260,000 miles of paved roads across the UK. The condition of this asset is critical to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

Roadtechs is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of Specialist Surface Treatment Systems in the UK. We combine innovation, quality, performance and experience with robust solutions and first-class engineering to restore, extend and enhance the life of existing roads and parking areas - providing financial, operational, environmental and safety benefits.

Our Surface Extension Treatments (SET), Reclamite®, RHiNOPHALT® and CRF Surface Sealant, offer penetrative, restorative and durable solutions to enable the lifecycle extension of existing ‘good’ roads. All three of our SET solutions provide up to 5 years additional life from the surface and are all repeatable. Extending the life of a road network not only reduces the pressure on maintenance budgets, by offering a substantial whole life cost reduction of up to 40%, it also supports environmental policies and improves public perception.

With no requirement for quarried aggregate, SET offers an efficient and sustainable solution to maintaining the highways infrastructure.


Reducing environmental impact by over 80%

Minimal mobilisation, plant & equipment requirements

No quarried aggregate


Efficient application - minimising disruption

Reduction in ongoing maintenance


Extends surface lifespan

Whole life cost reduction of up to 40%


Primarily mechanical process - minimal human interaction

Case Studies & Insights

Case Study:
Coventry City Council & Balfour Beatty.

Industry collaboration to extend the life of road surfaces in Coventry

Preventing potholes before they appear

Learn how surface extension treatments are saving councils time and money.

Case Study:
Costain CH2M & East Sussex County Council

Surface Extension Treatment, Reclamite, preserves critical infrastructure

Want the best results from your surface dressing?

It's all about preparation.

Case Study:
Coventry City Council & Balfour Beatty

Extending the road surface lifespan with CRF Surface Sealant

Working together to improve public perception.

Effective communications in relation to surface extension treatments.


An innovative, formulated emulsion derived from the petrochemical industry and brought to the highways industry by Roadtechs. Reclamite is the only penetrative bitumen rejuvenator with a BBA certificate in the UK. The unique formula is a cold spray emulsion which restores the chemical elements lost in the bitumen through the aging and oxidation processes. This SET solution penetrates through the voids in the asphalt surface, strengthening the aggregate bond and rejuvenating the bitumen.

Reclamite is efficient to install and open to traffic quickly. Suitable for most asphalt surfaces, it restores the original properties of the bitumen. With no need to adjust ironworks or refresh line markings (if they are in good condition), this SET solution saves time, minimises disruption, and enables maintenance budgets to go further.


A preventative maintenance treatment for asphalt which preserves, protects and extends the life of the asphalt infrastructure. This SET solution seals the surface and protects the existing bitumen from the impact of oxidization due to weathering and UV degradation.

RHiNOPHALT also offers efficient application and restores the original properties of the bitumen with no need to adjust ironworks. It can be applied during night closures to further minimise disruption to road networks and enable revenue budgets to go further.

CRF Surface Sealant

A flexible and resilient cold spray bitumen emulsion solution to create a sealed surface and provide an economical alternative to conventional wear course seals. CRF Surface Sealant fills the voids in the surface which also improves road user experience and reduces noise pollution.

It maintains skid resistance to help maintain road safety levels, and the new bitumen seal on the surface reduces reactive maintenance requirements. It can be applied to pavements with early stage deterioration such as ravelling, loss of aggregate or brittleness. As with Reclamite and RHiNOPHALT, there is no need to adjust ironworks which saves further time and additional disruption.

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We are one of the leading manufacturers and installers of Specialist Surface Treatment Systems in the UK - combining innovation, quality, performance and experience with robust solutions and first-class engineering.

We operate a survey through to installation service. To enable our clients to make informed decisions, we offer pre-engagement consultations where we look to understand your requirements, review the condition of the roads in question and demonstrate the benefits of our SET solution offering where appropriate.


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